Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Life is just Scootin' By

Why isn't my baby crawling yet? Why doesn't she have any teeth? Is she a pickier eater than other babies? Am I feeding her enough baby food? Am I feeding her too much baby food? Is it too early to start on finger foods? Should I have started forever ago? Other babies are practically walking at her age, is she not normal? Or are those babies not normal? Why doesn't she always sleep normally? AM I EVEN A GOOD MOM?!?!?!?

Occasionally I get a little crazy like that. But, for the most part I try really hard to put mommy-anxieties away and realize that of course all babies develop in different ways and at different rates and Ellie is probably the most normal baby ever! And, am not a bad mom--am actually pretty freakin' good at it! ;) Ok, well, I try anyway--and that's all anyone can say.

So, Eleanor hasn't started crawling and has HATE, HATE, HATED her stomach since the first time she was put on it. So, I've had pretty mixed emotions. On the one hand I feel like if she would just start crawling she would be okay entertaining herself at home for longer periods of time when I have to do things like make dinner or, you know, blog. I love playing with her all day, but let's be real, this little one has got to learn how to do some self-entertaining every once and a while. Though, she's actually not that bad sometimes.

ANYWAY, so on the other hand I think it's way convenient not having to re-arrange our small and still not completely unpacked apartment so she doesn't crawl into everything. I mean, self-entertaining is great......until she starts sucking the ink out of our pens.

Well, despite all of my mixed emotions, Ellie, for the first time ever, moved forward BY HERSELF on her stomach TODAY. Yeah, it was "epic," as they say. And I'm way excited!! It kind of takes her a while to get anywhere still so I don't really have to worry...plus she doesn't seem to particularly like it--it's a lot of work. The point is: now I know--this girl means business.

I know, I know... that means the title to this post was probably a little too punny to be funny.... haha.... ok.

Here's the poorly taken video of one of her FIRST stomach scoots ever. Enjoy... though probably not as much as I do.