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I am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints aka Mormon. I grew up mostly in Texas, Virginia, and Kansas. The latter is what I call home. I graduated in Political Science from Brigham Young University HAWAII in 2010. I got married in September of 2011, had my first cutest girl in August of 2012 and my second cutest girl in June of 2014.

Mark and I met at BYUH when we first got there in January of 2009. We were friends until my last semester when we started dating. But, not wanting to rush things, we "broke up" and I went to China to teach English for a few months. I put quotations under "broke up" because we ended up skyping every day for hours while I was away until he finally came to China in June to propose. We both stayed in China until August when we came home and three weeks later were married for all time and eternity in the LDS Jordan River, Utah, temple. We went on our honeymoon right away and then traveled back to Hawaii so Mark could finish up his degree in Business and Supply Chain Management at BYUH. He graduated in September of 2012.
Eleanor Mei
After that we moved to California for a year where Mark worked for an after-market auto-parts company. In May of 2014 we moved to Utah where Mark is from so he could work with Viral Events, being in charge of their operations. 

No matter where we are we don't care, because our kids are most of what make our life awesome.

Eleanor came somewhat as a surprise. We were planning on starting a family, I just thought it would take longer than it did! But, I'm glad it didn't. She is adorable and TWO YEARS OLD NOW! I can't believe it. Her favorite things to do are sing, dance, and LAUGH. Seriously, half the time she is just forcing herself to laugh she loves it so much.

Sophie came looking just like her sister. She's still so little and cute and absolutely one of the most chill babies ever. Her favorite things to do right now are smile, roll on her stomach (and get stuck there), and pull out all of her mother's and sister's hair.
Sophie Marie

You'll be hearing about these two A LOT.

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