Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The Honeymoon

I decided it was time to put some stuff about our honeymoon up. 

We went on a cruse to Mexico, stopping at Cabo San Lucas and Puerto Vallarta. It was AMAZING! Also it was my first time going on a cruse and basically was just the perfect honeymoon. 

My favorite thing we did was probably the zip-lines we did it Vallarta. SO cool! I've also never been to Mexico, so that was also pretty fun. Mark and I took it upon ourselves to talk in a Mexi-accent pretty much the whole week. That was pretty fun too.

I got really sunburned, but I think most of it turned into an alright tan, so it was worth it ;)

On a complete side-note: I recently realized that the only shirts I wear are solid v-neck shirts or solid tank tops with either a white or grey cardigan. Not sure how that happened.

Please notice Mark's face in the last picture--priceless!!

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Why I'm actually not failing at life

So, remember how I was un-employed?

Still unemployed, but with more hope.

I decided to advertise myself on Craigslist as a tutor. It scares me a little that I might not know everything I should, but then I just have to remind myself of all the experiences I've had that should assure otherwise. I just don't think I could handle like a sixteen or seventeen year old that was already super smart. But, so far I've been getting e-mails for thirteen and fourteen years old, so, I'm excited about that. Just keep me in your prayers that this or SOMETHING will work out!

Also the internet is still not installed at our house and I'm starting to lose hope of having it at all this semester.

Also on Tuesday I tried to make this SUPER easy salsa chicken in our new and wonderful crock-pot and I burned salsa all on the sides. A good day and two night's soak made it easier to clean, though it was still a pain trying to get it all off. I don't even know that it's that clean still, but we'll have to wait until next time we use it and see if little black specks accompany our next meal.

Also today I let myself turn the TV on and got stuck watching Criminal Minds (Note: I'll admit it--I'm a stupid sucker for murder investigation TV shows), and I didn't get the floor swept or the bed made. The dishes got clean during commercial breaks though! As did a pile of Mark's old shoes.

So basically what I'm trying to say is sometimes lately I feel like I'm failing at life.

But, then I remind myself that's not even possible. I mean, maybe if I was some kind of murderer that wasn't insane, or even some kind of purposefully mean person without a cause besides selfishness...maybe then I would be failing at life. But, seeing as I'm not either one of those, I must be doing alright.

If there's something I have to be reminded of again and again, it's that life is for learning and then doing. Not always the other way around.

That's kind of my deep thought of the week--just be patient and keep trying. Do better than you did yesterday, but don't expect to be a different person overnight.

So I can't cook! So I hate house-wifey things like cooking and cleaning. So sometimes I like to watch cheesy murder-mystery TV shows as a way of procrastinating  the closest thing to work that I have right now. So I'm unemployed and haven't been able to find a job these last three weeks. I'm still a generally good person! And, I know all those things are really small. Especially in comparison to the great things that have happened these past two weeks.

For one, I have a wonderful Visiting Teaching Companion who is as inspiring as she is sweet! She's from Brazil and I've only been with her now on a few visits, but I adore her! And her cute little girl. Visiting Teaching has been a marvelous uplift to my last couple weeks and I'm sure it will continue to be so in the coming months.  Feeling that extra spirit of love with wonderful women from the church is irreplaceable. When I share my feelings about God and his plan for us, I can feel the spirit whispering in my heart that all I'm saying--all I believe--is true. And, if all I believe is true, then God loves me too much to let me "fail at life" without my prior consent. He's totally got my back.

Also, Mark and I went to the temple yesterday! I loved it and was reminded that strength comes from prayer. I was also reminded that so many little things I stress out about just aren't that important. What's important is my relationship with God and my cute hubby and family.

And lastly, I've been reading the new Relief Society book "Daughters of a Kingdom" and have loved it so much. There's so much in there, I might just write a post about it soon! Yeah, that good!

So, in end to the scatterdness of this post I'll have to say that I will probably end up having weeks of more unemployment, plenty of other completely disastrous attempted cooking adventures, days where I don't feel like folding all my clothes even though I have nothing else to do, and no internet for the rest of the semester.

Yeah, that panda's got it aaaaall figured out
The good thing about all that is none of it even matters. Life is about finding ourselves and using those found talents and characteristics to help others discover what life is about. So honestly, cooking and cleaning might be on the back-burner of my lists of things to do until I figure all that purpose-of-life stuff out first. Just hoping I have my priorities all right.... ;)